PICTURES: Saturday at St. Mark’s Church Christmas Tree Festival in Mosborough

St. Mark’s Church, Mosborough, is hosting it’s fourth annual Christmas Tree Festival this weekend, raising money for charity and spreading the Christian Christmas message.

The event began on Friday evening with a ‘Carols by Tree Light’ carol concert, which attracted around 150 adults and 80 children and raised roughly £85.

A coffee morning was also held this morning from 10am until noon. Tomorrow, a service will be held at the church at 10am, followed by an evening concert by Sheffield Folk Chorale – starting at 6.30pm.

A variety of local schools, businesses, societies and charities have got involved and displayed a personalised tree within the church.

Sheffield Folk Chorale will then judge the best on display on Sunday evening. The sponsor of this tree will then decide which charity the proceeds go towards.

The event comes together, thanks to the hard work of the church team.

Reverend Sue Stewart said: “We never thought It would be an annual event, but here we are. It’s such a fantastic community event that I can’t stop doing it now.

“It’s just so important to tell people that it really is Jesus’s birth that we are celebrating and to help teach not just children, but adults, the Christmas story.”

Kathy Vince is the Children’s Minister at the church and said: “It’s been relaxed and people have had time to sit down and have a chat in, what is, a very busy time in peoples’ lives – and you’re raising money along the way.”

Kathy helped set up the event and made a selection of jarred preserves and cakes too. Small jars are on sale for £1 and bigger ones cost £1.50 each. Cake prices range from 30 pence to £2 – depending on the size.

Tomorrow evening’s concert is expected to attract between 100 and 150 residents.

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